Billy – Session 2

Release Year: 2020

Across in the sixth form science block Master Nick and Master Billy are having an even-more-boring than usual Biology class.

Today mr wilkinson the biology teacher wants to discuss bodily fluids with the boys, but Nick has a better idea, more of a practical lesson to determine if bodily fluids are edible which will have mr wilkinson wishing he never brought the subject up.

Pushing the teacher to the floor the Tops take turns gobbing and snotting into his mouth, spread wide open by a spider gag. Ignoring the sub’s moans and complaints the Top’s drool long ribbons of phlegm hacked up from the back of their throats into mr wilkinson’s waiting mouth.

Master Nick spies a growing hardon in the sub’s crotch. There are two things wrong with that, the first is mr wilkinson is obviously enjoying being defiled by his much younger students but Nick is more pissed off that he didn’t say his sub could get hard. He’ll decide when, or if, this pathetic excuse for a teacher can have any pleasure. A short sharp stinging slap across the head of mr wilkinson’s erection should take care of it.

Ordering their muse to swallow every last trace of the Master’s nourishing gob, phlegm and snot Nick decides it’s time to give mr wilkinson a refreshing slurp of piss to wash down his meal. Fishing their cocks out of their school uniforms Nick and Billy soak the teacher from head to foot in their warm steaming urine, aiming directly into his mouth and filling up his gullet. He had to swallow every single drop if he wants to avoid getting a severe punishment.

It would seem that Master Nick hasn’t pissed for a while and provides more of his amber nectar to soak the sub’s underpants. Laughing at the coughing, spluttering useless sub Master Nick wrings out the piss sodden pants above mr wilkinson’s head so that the filthy tainted liquid can also get ingested.

Slutty student sub sam has been quietly sitting to the side watching the proceedings. He’s about to come centre stage now as Billy orders the new sub to suck his cock and make him firm, surely not too hard a job considering the handsome cock he has to suck on belongs to a horny young student. We shall see.

Master Billy’s plump and full testicles hang over the top of his white underwear as sam’s wet sloppy mouth goes to work sucking his Master hard. Nick takes a turn in sam’s slutty mouth before returning the sub to his Master.

Billy is going to have some fun at sam’s expense, dishing out some vicious cock punishment that will teach his sub a lesson in how to suck a Master’s cock properly. It’s not long before Billy’s young penis stands firm and erect in front of him, the perfect time to grab the back of sam’s head and impale his face on Billy’s hardon.

The sub struggles to accommodate the student’s thick cock in his throat, gagging like a useless bitch. Master Nick steps forward, now is the time to break this little cock whore in. He holds the sub’s head firmly in place as Billy lifts up onto his toes and starts to face fuck the cunt, his stiff member relentlessly pummeling the back of sam’s throat, reaming the sub but giving Billy a great deep throat as his cock pushes in and out of the tight narrow corridor in sam’s gullet.

With only a few seconds to spare Billy pulls his throbbing cock out of sam’s mouth and positions it over the face of his teacher, a couple of tugs on his dick and it soon spurts a good load of spunk across mr wilkinson’s face, lesser spurts pumped directly into the sub’s stretched open mouth as Master Billy takes his pleasure.

Ordered to swallow Billy’s creamy deposit mr wilkinson has proved to the students that all four of the their bodily fluids are indeed edible.

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