Billy – Session 14

Release Year: 2020

Paydoms Billy and Toby are putting a sleazy punter through the wringer, he wants to be worked over by two horny schoolboys and that’s exactly what he’s getting.

Having used the sub’s slutty mouth as their urinal and made it worship their perfect bodies with it’s dirty little tongue, the Tops torments have turned cruel; Teasing punter’s penis to an erection then flaying it soft again with a painful leather flogger, strapping an electro-collar around it’s testicles and shocking it while being ridden like a pony around their expensive apartment, cropping its buttocks for extra encouragement. Billy and Toby really enjoy their work.

These cruel torments have made both Tops very aroused, their erections pushing out at the front of their tight white underwear as Master Billy rides the pony into the bedroom. Punter may be the one paying but it’s these two Tops who will decide when it’s time to satisfy their sexual desires.

Laid out on the bed, punter thanks his Masters as his mouth harness and tail butt plug are removed, but it’s a momentary respite as Billy’s pristine arse pushes down over the sub’s mouth for detailing by its tongue.

Seconds later the void left in it’s slutty anus by the butt plug is filled with Toby’s young hard prick, stretching the punter’s sphincter as the Top pumps his tool into it.

The sub’s tongue digs deep into Billy’s arse, licking his perfect puckered bud as its own arse is ruined by Toby’s relentless fucking. Billy climbs off the punter’s face and feeds it his rigid cock, pushing it as far down the sub’s slutty throat as he can go, his balls hitting the sub’s cheek as he fucks its face.

Ruined at both ends by his schoolboy tormentors, punter’s anus burning hot as it’s stretched on Master Toby’s erection, gasping for breath between each thrust of Billy’s rigid penis lodged in its mouth as the Top pushes it deeper and deeper down into its cock hungry throat.

This lucky punter is certainly getting his money’s worth today, but if he wants to avoid more cruel punishments every drop of the Masters fresh hot sperm must be devoured… Completely

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Duration: 25:33
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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