Billy – Gangster bouncer

Release Year: 2020

Using sexy young Billy as the lure, the Masters have opened a clip joint complete with rip-off prices and a thuggish bouncer to ensure the final bill WILL get paid.

The first punter through the door doesn’t even bother looking at the price list or disputing the ‘host’ fee as his attention is drawn to smooth Master Billy in his gold go-go boy pants. Dancing for the sub isn’t going to put Billy in a good mood, but when the client tries to stuff a measly five Euro note in his shorts Billy snaps. He’s taking the fucking piss.

Without enough cash to pay for a lap dance tab Billy decides to give sub peter the only thing he deserves. Piss.

Master Terry orders the bottom swallow every last drop of Billy’s pint of fresh urine, not a drop must go to waste or their will be hell to pay.

Such a delicious treat, but peter dribbles some of the gold nectar onto the floor as he gulps it down. His punishment is to be Billy and Terry’s human mattress.

The Top’s sit on the useless fuck, rubbing their arses, feet and toes across his face and mouth. They peel off their underwear and use peter’s mouth to freshen up their sweaty cracks, ordering him to dig around their bum holes with his tongue until they’re squeaky clean.

Locking the sub’s face in his armpit, a very sweaty Master Billy gets a bath courtesy of Peter’s sloppy wet mouth. Taking turns the Tops get their sweaty ball sacks sucked clean then holding each others penises they feed the sub their juicy Master’s cocks for detailing, Terry damaging the greedy sub on his thick penis as he pushes it deep down into peter’s throat.

Master Billy and Master Terry sit with their full weight on the bottom, using him as a mattress has it’s benefits but the bill will still need to be paid, somehow. For now this sub has other uses… Lucky bastard!

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Duration: 14:39
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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