Belle Davis & Lizz Andrews : Roommates Turn The Tables On Each Other

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Belle is tightly bound seated on the chair beside her roommate Lizz who has had enough of her not pulling her weight around the apartment. Lizz doesnt waste any time getting up, scolding Belle and after checking her knots shoving a leather gag into her cocky, unrepentant, mouth. With Belle now gagged Lizz goes back to watching her TV show. Belle isnt one to just sit there without being the center of attention so she continues to make noise and struggle and just generally serve as a distraction for Lizz. Eventually Lizz has had enough and after straddling her lap starts tickling her getting her to agree to finally calm down and stopping. Belleisnt really being truthful and Lizz her to the floor where at least she might be out of sight if not totally quiet. Eventually she gets the last string and hogties Belle on the floor having a bit more fun with her by trying to pull her shoes off to tickle her feet. After finding out that Belle stole the pantyhose shes wearing Lizz gives her a couple of swats before relentlessly tickling her. Fade back to the scene and the tables have turned. Lizz is now bound and Belle has a scarf shes going to shove into poor Lizzs mouth. After a bit of a struggle she succeeds and Belle takes microfoam tape and wraps it around Lizzs head securing it with a few extra strips on her face and mouth. Belle gets her revenge in the form of tickling and eventually making Lizz over onto her stomach and hogtying her, tickling her, and spanking her as she chases her writhing form across the rug. Finally Belle secures the hogtie and tickles poor Lizzs feet a bit longer.

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Duration: 16:21
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