Batwoman Locked Up Part 1

Release Year: 2019
Cast: Cassandra Cain
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Costume Bondage, Batwoman, Batgirl, Cosplay Parody, Handcuffs, Shackles, Post Tied, Pole Tied, Chained, Strapped, Ballgagged, Drooling, Forced Kissing, Fight Scene, Story Line, Spandex Fetish, Lycra, Comics, DC Universe, Struggling, Helpless
Video language: English

Batwoman receives a call from commissioner Gordon asking her to help transport a high profile prisoner that is going to testify against Carmine Falcone, a local crime boss. She agrees and dons her cape and cowl.
Batwoman shows up at Arkham with the prisoner and is received by Lyle Bolton, the wardens head guard. Bolton takes to abusing the prisoner and calling him scum, Batwoman intervenes and a fight ensues. Bolton swings on the her, but she blocks and counters. Bolton goes down hard before he even knows what hit him.
Batwoman kneels down and picks bolton up by his shirt and tells him to give it up. Bolton palms the taser from his belt and zaps her good. She slumps over, still conscious, but about a million volts weaker. Bolton rolls her over and handcuffs and shackles her. He tells her that now she’ll get a taste of what Lock Up has to offer. He zaps her again and the room goes black.
Batwoman comes to and she is securely chained and strapped standing to a steel pole. Her neck is pulled back with a thick leather strap and she is gagged with a huge ball that makes her drool uncontrollably. She struggles to break free, but the thick chains are much too strong to break. Bolton enters, waving her utility belt in front of her face. He taunts her and then tosses it to the side. He tells her he is sick and tired of her grandstanding around town and is going to teach her a lesson in humility. He goes on to tell her what a great team they could have made if she wasn’t so self righteous. He pulls down her gag and forcibly kisses her long and deep. She shakes and struggles to break away, and when she finally does, she tells Bolton she will never submit to him.

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