Baptism – Maddy O’Reilly, Samantha and OT

Maddy and Samantha are friends from church. Samantha shares a secret that she’s being watching bondage porn and fantasizing about participating. Maddy confesses that she has been taking part in BDSM and sets up a visit for them both with her friend. The girls undress and then are handcuffed to a pole facing each other. They kiss while caressing each other’s ample asses. The master returns and ties them together by their hair and then glos them on their backs and buttocks. He leaves and Samantha wonders if he is going to leave them tied like that. Next, they are boud together sitting on the floor, with Samantha in Maddy’s lap. The flogging resumes, this time on Samantha’s stomach and crotch. He then canes Maddy’s feet briefly. He returns and begins playing with Samantha’s hairy pussy: first with his fingers, then a metal dildo and finally, adding a vibrator into the mix. By the time he’s done, a visible puddle has formed under Samantha’s ass. They are then shackled to a device that has Samantha sitting up right and Maddy on all fours, elevated in the air so that her ass is within a few inches of Samantha’s face. Samantha is restrained around the neck and cannot reach Maddy’s delicious mound with her mouth. The master rubs Maddy’s pussy and gently brings Maddy backwards so that Samantha can finally feast. Once she gets her first tast of Maddy’s pussy, Samantha cannot stop and the master returns with his vibrator to pleasure Samantha. Next, Maddy’s head and wrists are secured and Samantha is free to walk around, though her arms are still bound. Samantha now has a strapon that she uses to fuck Maddy’s mouth and pussy standing . Finally, discussing their experience, Maddy realizes she came twice and Samantha only came once. So she drops to her knees and begins eating Samantha’s pussy and Samantha, squirts (pisses) all over her face.

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