Backyard Boys , Scene #05 – Blake Daniels, Blue Bailey – 1080p

Two smooth and muscular bodies are playing in the hay. Blake Daniels, on his kneeshas his face clamped and and bucking like a bronco. Blue’s ass is red with handprints and his tawny hole is wet with spit. He’s been spanked and primed for fucked.
The complaint that is anal advances along with his thumb while his penis bobs between his legs, angrily reddish, hard, curved and ready. This connection gets straight to the point: 1 heat-seeking missile, one sexy hole needing to be filled. Flesh slaps against flesh, together with Blake&rsquo nut sack slamming to Blue’s taint. Blue spread his legs wider, so leans closer.
Blake Daniels commands him to roll over and resumes the pounding. Blue is in a shoulder his hand is moving between his legs, he’therefore poised to cum in his mouth.
Blake’therefore long legs are like huge springs resulting in a compact bubble-butt that drives his cock deeper and harder into Blue until his buttocks, now covered in a sheen of sweat, contract and snobby as his dick shoot jets of jism all over Blue.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:14
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