Babysitter Gets The Cage

Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

The new babysitter shows up to watch my grandsons. My she is a pretty one. Short short little denim cutoffs and a skimpy belly baring tee shirt finished off by cute bright pink heels. Oh my – she is lovely :))) I tell her I am going out to bingo and to make herself at home. I give her a stern warning that the boys are a handful and that whatever happens she must NOT go into the garage with them. She nods in assent yessing me to . I snicker inside – such easy bait. I know the more I warn these dumb young girls not to go into the garage, the greater their curiosity builds and they will become a magnet to that garage door. I warn her again that no matter what occurs and what the boys say or do she must not enter the garage. I leave and give it about ten minutes. I walk into the garage and laugh as I see the cute little dumb blonde locked up in my cage!!!! Silly girl – fell right into my trap. She is moaning and whimpering and crying beneath her gag and her hands and arms are locked into metal handcuffs. I tease and her for being so damn dumb and such an easy mark. I lift up her short skimpy top and expose her luscious ripe tits. Oooooo how beautiful they are with those hard little nipples right in my face. Then I grab a piece of rope and being to tie her leg to the bars in the cage. Poor little Sidnay … all dressed up and nowhere to go – hahahaha!!!

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Duration: 12:36
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