Assaulted By 2 Men & A Girl

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I’m carried into the dungeon over the shoulder of a big bald man. His partner is waiting with rope and despite my struggling and furious kicking, he binds my ankles together. The bald bastard Jim Hunter grabs me in a choke hold and lowers me to the floor while the other man continues to bind my legs. He holds me down so Damon Pierce can tie my arms behind my back. I curse them both demanding to be let go, but they laugh at me. Damon shoves a huge ball into my mouth and seals it in with layers of duct tape. I am finally silenced, but I continue to buck and kick. I roll around on the floor and manage to sit up, but not for long – I wind up in a tight hogtie. They call in Zooey Zara and hand her some twine to tie my tits in a tourniquet. Damon grabs a cane and begins beating my tits. I scream through the gag when the pain escalates. Damon wraps the twine around and around each tit and it hurts so bad. The sadist bastard rolls me over and my bound tits and laughs. Oh No!!! Both Damon and Zooey take turns beating my breasts with the damn cane. I scream and begin to cry – I can’t stand the pain. I sob knowing they are not quite done with me. They decide to leave me there helpless – bound, gagged and sobbing.

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Duration: 10:49
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