Asiana Starr’s First Time

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Sexy Asiana Starr comes over to visit because she’s never been tied up by a girl and she is just hot to trot to experience it. I put her on her knees between my legs and I stroke her beautiful face. Relax doll, you’re in good hands. We talk about her website and how I fantasize about her all the time as I am binding her arms behind her back crushing the elbows together nice and tight. Asiana moans a bit as I cinch the rope and I can tell she is totally getting off on this. I pull her dress aside exposing her gorgeous big tits and I carress them. Voluptuous Asiana is so submissive and she is really enjoying every single thing I do to her. I strap a super big ballgag into her mouth and strap it in on the last hole. Poor lovely girl winces in pain and the drool starts immediately. I fondle her pussy before adding more rope. I put a chest harness of her making her tits pop out seductively. The more I yank the rope the more sexy Asiana moans. She gets herself on the floor and rolls around getting me super hot and wet. I add a very tight crotch rope that splits her sweet pussy in two giving her a camel toe. Right on your sweet spot babydoll. Asiana’s nipples harden and she rolls ass up. OMG!!! She is just so damn hot. I cross her ankles and put her in a tight hogtie. I decide to mess with her a bit and I put tweezer nipple clamps on my new bondage toy. Poor helpless Asiana squeals through her ballgag. I put m hands between her legs and the slut is soaking wet!! Oh hell yes, just the way I like them. I plant a wet juicy ballgag kiss on her and leave the bound beauty struggling and moaning on the rug in a sweet combination of pleasure and pain. What a sight to see!! I aim to please and I know Asiana truly enjoyed her very first time tied by a female!!!

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