Ariel Anderssen – Long Term Pony Girl Training 4

Release Year: 2020

Then he makes her repeat the rules once again before punishing her for talking back to him by putting nipple clamps on her tits and gagging her with an extremely large and long deep-throat cock gag. He straps the gag in place and informs her that she must learn to take it for a long time. She has to fight her gag reflex as the cock gag penetrates her throat. She will be expected to tolerate and take gags like this for several hours at a time- but he permit her to start with five minutes for her first training session. Five minutes that seem like an eternity to the beautiful leggy blonde, chained to the bed, nipples clamped and her arse still smarting from the severe caning!
Naked, collared, cuffed and chained to the ceiling, Ariel awakens back in the pony girl prison cell. She tests her bonds, but the cuffs are securely padlocked in place and there’s no way to even reach the attachment point of the chain in the ceiling. She has no idea where she is or how long she has been here. Is she underground? It’s so cold! Why is she here? Is it because she wouldn’t wear the pony girl harness? That must be it!
She might be here for days! She was expecting some light bondage for her kinky weekend, not being trained by a cold-hearted and mean dominant to be a proper pony girl!

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