Anthony’s Boy – Chapter 7

Young Nigel is displayed on a table, face-down, naked and blindfolded, his wrists and ankles padlocked to form a human X. His muscular back shows the signs of earlier beatings, fresh wounds on top of older ones. “You’re gonna suck my dick!” Anthony tells him, slapping his face when he refuses then shoving a massive cock down his throat when he finally opens his mouth. Nigel gags as he’s like a common whore. Anthony’s cock swells even larger, but still his lust isn’t satisfied. He whips Nigel’s back and ass with the single-tail and mists the fresh wounds with . Then he fucks the boy – shoving in all 11-inches as his body slaps against the Nigel’s ass. Nigel moans in agony; he can’t believe this is happening to him. Then he feels the huge cock pull out and spew a massive load of cum all over his back.

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