Anthony’s Boy – Chapter 4

Ballet boy Nigel is giving the performance of a lifetime. He is stripped naked, standing on two boxes about a foot high, his wrists chained to the ceiling. “Why are you doing this?” he asks when Anthony Martin enters, dressed in high leather boots, a harness and a leather codpiece that advertises the massiveness of his cock. “Keep that mouth shut!” Anthony barks back, covering the boy’s mouth, whipping him, then placing a metal pole with a massive dildo mounted to it under his ass. As a dancer, Nigel is shaved smooth down to his ankles, with not even a hint of hair on his armpits or around his cock. Nigel’s dancer-butt trembles as Anthony positions the tip of the dildo into his asshole, then pulls the boxes apart, making Nigel fuck himself. Soon the beautiful boy is moaning in pain as the 11-inch dildo slides all the way up his ass and Anthony flogs his smooth, firm body then sprays the wounds with . In the end, Nigel hangs limp, impaled and covered with welts.

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