Anthony’s Boy – Chapter 3

Yesterday, Nigel was the new boy in town, successful in his ballet career, popular with his friends, enjoying life. Today, he is bound and gagged, naked in a dungeon, suffering alone. Clothespins dig into his nipples. His legs throb, stretched so wide they straddle the floor. Thank god he is a trained dancer or several tendons would be torn. Covered with sweat from the strain, he is almost delirious with pain and exhaustion. He has been in this stressful position for many hours. Then he hears the door open. “Good morning, boy,” his kidnapper says, removing his blindfold and gag. “Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Nigel asks. “Shut the fuck up!” the man replies, smacking him hard across the face. Then a massive cock is shoved in his face. “Suck it!” Nigel resists but soon is chocking on the massive cock until, suddenly, it is pulled out and sprays a huge load of cum all over his face. How can this be happening?

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