Anthony’s Boy – Chapter 1

Sadistic, sexy top-man Anthony Martin has had his eye on a beautiful, young ballet dancer, Nigel, for weeks. Nigel Is one of those boys everyone loves, a natural athlete, effortlessly graceful and gorgeous but also sweet and modest. Anthony has seen him working-out in the store-front dance-studio near downtown. Dozens of men have fantasized about fucking the long-haired, well-built boy, a work of art in a dancer’s muscle shirt and posing-strap, but only Anthony is ballsy enough to grab his prey and make him his slave. Now Nigel, wearing that shirt and strap, is bound in the dungeon, blindfolded and gagged. “Like that?” Anthony asks as he rips the boy’s shirt open and twists his nipples. Nigel has no idea who this man is or why he is stripping him naked, whipping him with a leather crop and clamping clothespins on his nipples and cock. He is terrified – and he hasn’t even seen the massive bulge between Anthony’s thighs, a -can-sized cock that will split him wide open.

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