Another Dumb Jock – Part 3

After cumming all over Aden’s abs, filling the muscle-boy’s deep navel with cum, Jared jerks off the helpless stud, coating his abs with even more cum, this time from his own cock. After being electro-tortured for hours, Aden is stunned but still flexes against his chains and moans in protest. Jared just laughs. “I guess you’re having fun, too,” he says with a sneer, squeezing out the last drops of cum from the straight dude’s uncut cock. “Now it’s time for some more pain!” Jared flips a switch, shocking Aden’s still throbbing cock and balls several times. Then he flips the stud over and chains him on his stomach. Aden’s back and ass are as impressive as his torso and cock. Jared whips them both, until Aden’s ass-cheeks and shoulders are red, then slaps and fingers Aden’s tight, virgin asshole. Next week: Fuck the straight boy.

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