Another Dumb Jock – Part 2

Jared begins Aden’s electro-torture with a full 30-second blast of current that literally lifts the muscle-stud off the table. The current flows directly into the base of Aden’s cock and radiates shocks of agony up his torso and down his legs. The straight jock is naked but for a blackout hood and ball-gag. After several shocks, Jared removes the hood, revealing a strikingly handsome face. Aden is dazed and confused; he quite literally has no idea where he is or why he is being tortured. “If you suck my dick, I’ll stop the electrocution,” Jared yells at the stunned stud. Aden instinctively shakes his head no, a very bad idea. After a few more shocks, Aden agrees, but Jared continues to send the current flowing into the boy’s body. Jared even shocks the stud while his dick is in the dude’s mouth, shocking himself at the same time. Then Jared spews a huge load of cum all over Aden’s rippling abs. The cum drains down the crevices between Aden’s abs and pools in his deep navel. Nice.

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