Amazon Domme Destroys Me

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I open the door expecting to see my limo driver to take my to the opera, but instead there is a demanding amazon woman. Who are you I ask – the huge woman quickly takes control and shoves me backwards. She gets up in my face clamping a gloved hand over mouth and me to the wall "I am Sophia Stone and I’ve worked for you for five years" Suddenly she grips me in a choke hold and I cough and gasp kicking her away, but the room gets dark and down I go. I wake up handcuffed and cleave gagged on a chair with the dominant female looming over me. She strips off my gown and begins to fondle and touch my body. I beg her to remove the cuffs and she agrees to place them with my wrists bound in front. Sophia XXXX me to my knees and demands that I worship her feet. She ungags me and her stiletto high heel into my mouth and makes me lick and kiss the dirt off them. I am so humiliated, but the fear for my life overtakes me and I comply with her wishes. I sob and beg for mercy, but she plants her feet on top of my prone body using me as her footrest. The dominatrix begins to tire and I seize the opportunity to wiggle out from under her large body and I crawl around to the back of the chair. I place my cuffed wrists around her throat and choke the bitch out, but I am no match for her strength. The size disparity is tremendous and Sophia wraps her long legs around my neck squeezing tightly. I begin to loose air and I fall to my knees and down onto the floor. Sophia walks around me her tall giantess body looming over me and slowly she lifts her high heeled shoe and places it on my throat. The amazon woman presses harder and harder and I choke and gasp for air.

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Duration: 13:20
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