Amanda Foxx Visits Uncle Erics Restaurant – Pt 1

Release Year: 2019
Genres: ballgag, Blondes, Busty, chairtied, MILF
Video language: English

Amanda is a snooty restaurant critic, and corrupt at that. Like almost everything, if you have money you can buy good reviews. Uncle Eric, the owner, refused to pay Amanda the last time and, of course, received a poor review. He invites Amanda back, promising a free 4 course exquisitely prepared meal and a little kickback, if she will write a new, positive review. In reality, Uncle Eric has other plans for Amanda. It all starts innocent enough. Amanda is welcomed in and is informed that the restaurant is closed, so they can give their full attention to her. She seems to like that, but seems less enthusiastic about everything else. She immediately starts complaining. The first course is brought out and Amanda is less than thrilled. When Uncle Eric returns to check on her, she starts in and he responds by quickly roping her waist to the chair. Her wrists are bound next, and then a huge ballgag is shoved and strapped tightly in her big mouth. He soon brings out her glass of water and throws it in her face. Soon he returns with the 2nd course and sets it on the table. She struggles and grunts angrily behind the ballgag for a bit. When Uncle Eric returns, he is disappointed that Amanda has not touched her meal. He throws the mashed potatoes in her face to show his displeasure in her. He gets out his camera and starts clicking away. As snooty as she is, he knows she’ll do almost anything to keep those images from getting out, but this is only the beginning for Amanda. He takes out the ballgag and immediately the threats start spewing from her mouth. He unties her from the chair and bends her over the sturdy table. Her wrists are untied and her dress is removed. Her wrists are tied and her legs are spread and tied to the table legs. A rope is tied into her hair and then pulled back very tight to her wrists. This is where Part 1 ends.

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Duration: 18:51
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