A Perfect Pet part 1

As Reena can attest, time alone in the cage can seem eternal, she must take some type of comfort in any form of interaction. When Holly opens door and strokes her pet, it’s evident that Reena is hungry for attention. How hungry exactly, remains to be seen…Holly wastes no time, Reena is quickly down on her belly, her ripe asshole is lubed and the plug is inserted. Holly takes great pleasure in watching Reena twitch and then she stuffs her pet’s pussy with her strap on…Things don’t get any easier for Reena however, as Holly has a day of intensity in store for her. Up onto the bench she goes, in perfect position to be worked over with the whip. As we watch Reena wince and listen to her yelp, Holly turns to the cane, which at times almost appears to be a calming salve to Reena’s reddening backside and bare feet. Holly then pays particular attention to Reena by having a long lick on her pussy…Momentum shifts when Reena is restrained to the floor. Tens pads applied for added measure…And this is when we find that she is extremely ticklish, an opportunity too good for Holly to pass up…she takes full advantage…After a furious vibe session that ends with Holly sitting atop Reena’s face, Reena is then bound in full suspension. Once again Holly brandishes her strap-on to full effect and pleasures her pet to no end.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:47
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