A Boy for Torture – Cole Miller – Full HD 1080p

Cole Miller is a lean 20-year-old pretty-boy with a hot body, big cock, silky skin and the face of an angel – the kind of boy who must be sexually and physically abused, tortured like a slave and fucked like a whore. It’s Christmas in July for Felix Frost: This boy, stripped naked, is strapped to a metal gurney and covered with a sheet. Felix gets to unwrap his gift and use it how ever he pleases. He starts by cutting a hole over Cole’s semi-erect cock and pulling it out, then licking it until it hardens. Cole is terrified but aroused; he can’t help himself. Then Felix slowly pulls the sheet down revealing a flawless, well-built body. A leather gag keeps Cole silent but for muffled moans. His wrists are bound to his upper thighs with leather fetters. Leather cuffs hold his ankles in place. He lies on the gurney moaning as Felix continues to enjoy his cock. Then comes the pain: Felix attaches biting steel clips to Cole’s sexy nipples, then smacks his cock and balls and the soles of his beautiful feet with two riding crops. Cole has no idea what will happen next, but he knows he will be tortured, jacked-off and fucked for many, many hours.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:11
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