A Beautiful Will part 1

Our run of outrageously hot and tough, bondage beginners continues with Tiffany Brookes…another amazing body, another beautiful face…and she allready has the right attitude…she sees much of this as a challenge…and it turns her on to endure…lucky for her…today will prove to be more than she ever imagined…she begins naked, with a ring gag and a hood over her head…her neck is shackled to the same upright which her hands are tied around…on her knees, she waits anxiously for Damon…he warms her up with spanking and a flogger…with the warm up out of the way, Damon ramps up the intensity with a restrictive chair tie…an electrical plug, a zipper on each inner thigh, suction and clamps on her nipples and tits…Tiffany shows that she knows how to suffer…it ends with painful orgasms…youll see what I mean…then stretched on a rack, bent backwards and oiled down with a brush..a heat gun keeps her moaning as Damon sweeps it across her body…an electrical coil between her thighs chimes in from time to time…he rigs a pussy rope and lowers the rack…this is where Tiffany learns how to beg…it doesnt take long…in the final scene, a very tough strappado keeps the long legged beauty bent over as Damon works her ass with more corporal play…the nipple clamps get the best of our proud young woman….but we were all impressed with Tiffany and her beautiful will to endure..

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