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Beautiful Japanese help relieve stress

Year : 2009 Genre : BDSM ,Japan Bondage Shibari Country : Japan Duration : 63 min Studio :Miracle Actresses : sexy Japanese woman Description : I want to buy happiness for 2 hours! please, for you anything you want. Beautiful Japanese help stress and me after a busy day! Video Quality : SiteRip Video : WM Video V9 720×480, 29.97fps 1295Kbps Audio : WMedia Audio 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps File size: 675.3 MB

Slaves 16 DVDRip

The masters of sado-masochism bring you their latest offering entitled Slaves 16 – Lavender Rayne. This chick needs to learn the art of discipline and will get trained accordingly with the aid of clamps, hot wax, whips, and much, much more! File size: 218.6 MB

Charly B – Advanced Guide To Hemp Rope Volume 3 DVD

Release Year: 2012 Studio: Charly B Charly B presents volume 3 of the 3 DVD set, which displays 21 scenes and a 101 minutes of information, and also features Lady Remedy Ann and Vanesa!!! This is Southern California’s best rope performance artist, who takes the “beginner” step-by-step through the methods needed to master the ropes!! Format: asf Duration: 1:38:00 Video: 480×360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 790.4 MB

Amber At Last

Release Year: 2012 Studio: DeviceBondage Cast: Amber Rayne Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Toys, Domination Video language: English For the grand finale of Amber’s live show, she is drug out of a cage, led around by her hair, and affixed spread eagle to the ground with metal restraints drilled into the floor around her wrists, ankles, and neck. “Looks like we are ready for some fun,” a member types. Her nubile body stretched taut only emphasizes her incredible physique and amazing nipples.

A Week Of Tuesday’s DVDRip

Rubee Tuesday is looking for a master and has found her way to the ultimate sadist, Bill Majors. With tight bondage and a variety of punishments, this lovely lady learns that she must submit to her new master in mind, body and soul. Will Rubee learn to submit and earn her new master’s affections or will she plead for mercy and run away


Cast: Ralph Marvell, Susan Mills Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation Starring Ralph Marvell and our newest discovery Susan Mills In Discipline Therapy Clinic Volume 2, the curious Nurse Lisa (Susan Mills) confronts Dr. Marvell about exactly what he is doing to his female patients to make them leave the office with that dazed look on their faces, not to mention coming back so often, when none of them are actually ill

SocietySM – Emily Addison

I started the day early and Emily isn’t a morning person, at all, so to make sure she is nice and awake and not just being tied up I make her do some exercise to get the blood flowing. She has such great tits and watching them bounce around made for a good morning for me, even more so once I got them bound and slapped them around myself. Emily is spread out and exposed and I take her back and forth between tickling, pain and orgasms

Terrible days – Slave Bo

Release Year: 2010 Cast: Slave Bo, Master Andrew Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Waxing Video language: English Young beautiful Russian girls mutilate in different ways by various accessories: pegs, wax, whips File size: 574.6 MB

Mellanie Monroe

Release Year: 2010 Cast: Mellanie Monroe Genres: Fucking Machines, Bondage, Fetish, Masturbation You can’t keep Mellanie from chasing her orgasms…this is one woman who likes to pleasure her cunt…Cumbots is perfect for her…she gets to tease us and get herself all worked up, then we tie her down and go for it…the Pope helps an allready tied Mellanie up onto the sybian, sliding the silicon cock into her pussy…then he continues to tie her and rigs her down to the table…Mellanie is helpless to do anything as he turns the Sybian up high, and sets the dildo to spinning inside her…even a cumslut like Mellanie can get too much of a good thing, but she takes a very impressive dose of the sybian… Format: lavfpref Duration: 18:44 Video: 960×720, AVC (H.264), 1460kbps Audio: 99kbps File size: 214.6 MB


Cast: Courtney Chambers, Sycilia Sutton Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation Country Club Wives Starring Courtney Chambers as Cynthia and Sycilia Sutton as Margot After a 3 cocktail luncheon, Margot invites her best friend Cynthia back to her flat in the city to gravely confront the statuesque blonde on the subject of marital infidelity.

Show Me The Ropes Pt II

Year: 2012 Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Domination Time: 00:12:40 Description: It’s time for Danny to show Rylie an even more twisted side as she’s bound, hands overhead with her thighs spread wide. A little electrical play is on order as he shares the wealth with her

Erotic Psychological Thriller

Release Year: 2011 Cast: Claire Adams and Dorian Genres: Femdom / Fetishes, Bdsm Video language: English Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes’, she sneers as her fingers tighten around his throat.

Amanda Bleak in "Black Deamon"

Watch this hot BDSM gallery to see this sexy brunette Amanda Bleack tied all up, tortured, licked, and fucked by the dominating pervert Frank Gun. Watch all the sadistic hardcore games, and listen to Amanda Bleack’s screams of pain and pleasure. Click here to check out the images and the video! File size: 2.5 GB

OK-18 The Inhabitant

Release Year: 2000 Cast: Carolyn Reese, Veronica Lane, Oceana, Amber Michaels, Darby Daniels, Stella Dubois Genres: BDSM Video language: English The town of Reseda may well hold secrets of an extra-terrestrial nature: Blonde beauty Carolyn Reese is urgently called to her cute friend (and Harmony newcomer!) Veronica Lane’s house, little suspecting Veronica is actually an alien intent on staying on earth–possibly to destroy it! Veronica ties up Carolyn–in order to give her alien superiors someone else to pick up and drag back to the home planet–but they soon capture her and tie them together, topless.

March 27, 2012 La Bella Sophia Bella, Holly Wood

Video language: English Sophia’s an olive skinned beauty, ripe for the picking and Holly’s the harvester. We watch as Sophia frantically struggles…open…exposed…Her panties are pulled away and Holly toys with her clit, yanking her panties up into her pussy while Sophia slowly comes to the realization that release today shall come in a different form than she may have foreseen…A riding crop next strikes her flesh as Holly covers her body with slaps, the pain is mounting now and just as suddenly, Sophia transforms into a gyrating orgasm machine as the wand coaxes her into one of the most intense orgasm sequences seen to date…When she’s spread on the floor, suction is applied to her pussy and she yelps as Holly cranks up the force. Coupled with open handed slaps to her inner thighs, Sophia’s transformation shifts once again as she is rendered helpless

Isis Love and Angel Cassidy

Release Year: 2006 Studio: Whipped Ass Cast: Isis Love, Angel Cassidy Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Bondage, Lesbian Domination, Forced Orgasm, Strap-On, FaceSitting, Spanking, Plug, Enema, Ass Worship Video language: English Angel Cassidy is bound and dominated by Mistress Isis. First she is suspended by her wrists and punished. Then, she is tied completely immobile whilst Isis rides her face

Our Sorority Summer Camp

Cast: Natasha, Bella, Stephanie Locke, Sybil, Violette, Kat (General) Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation We celebrated our 90th shoot by assembling a large cast for an all-female spanking extravaganza! Set at the Lambda Sigma Zeta summer retreat, visiting professor Stephanie Locke, along her two able lieutenants, senior sisters Natasha and Kat, join forces to sternly school junior sisters Sybil, Violette and Bella in the requirements and obligations of belonging to their sorority. After reviewing the Lambda Sigma Zeta pledge (Academic Excellence, Personal Expression, Compassion and Humanity to All), Stephanie, Natasha and Kat reproach Sybil and Violette for allowing their grades to drop below an A average, thus endangering the sorority’s reputation for studious intellectuali Format: asf Duration: 1:13:58 Video: 480×360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 666.1 MB