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Ryan – 4 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 8 min 48 sec Name: Ryan 4. Strapped naked to the spanking bench and given a Singapore style thrashing.

Jon – 4 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 8 min 30 sec Name: Jon – 4 Bent over, vibro-pole rammed up arse, flogged red, cock and ball weight water torture. Description: This is the kind of punishment I would like to see doled out to jail scum like Jon.

Jon – 5 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 7 min 41 sec Name: Jon – 5 Straight thug transformed into naked oiled up boy-slut, legs strapped apart to expose his gaping aching pussy, begging to be assaulted. Description: Whatever’s causing this youth to gasp and cry all the time, he’s right to react this way. I bet he never thought as he stood waiting outside that jail earlier in the day how he’d end up

Jon – 6 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 10 min 5 sec Name: Jon – 6 Tied and exposed. Anally violated, spanked, flogged, hung upside down. Description: Could it be that we have managed rehabilitate Jon?

Chris – 2 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 9 min 47 sec Name: Chris – 2. Virginity taken with a double finger fuck, cock and ball torture, flogging and male g-spot electrocution

Chris – 4 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 11 min 01 sec Name: Chris – 4 Hung by his wrists from the ceiling and flogged, strapped to spanking bench and beaten red. Then fucked.

Chris – 5 (May 2007)

Produced in: May 2007 Duration: 6 min 45 sec Name: Chris – 5 Fucked, made to masturbate Jake, spanked, suspended, flogged. Description: I wouldn’t normally care, but this fuckwit’s incessant cries are almost drowning out my mocking and verbal abuse.

Mo (10th December 2008)

Produced in: 10th December 2008 Duration: 10 min 21 sec Name: made to give me a handjob while being shocked, then fucked and covered in cum… Description: Normally when I use a helpless straight man for my own sexual pleasure, I like to jump right in there and use their fuckholes, ploughing into them and enjoying every inch of their resistant, struggling bodies

Mo (12 November 2008)

Produced in: 12 November 2008 Duration: 9 min 48 sec Name: Whipped on the arse and thighs, with feet painfully yanking nipple clamps, extreme tickling, soles of feet cropped hard… Description: We’ve put angry straight lad Mo in one of our cruellest bondage predicaments yet – cock and balls pegged all over, and nipples viciously clamped and tied to his toes, raising his legs up in a horribly strenuous position – and keeping them there. Every muscle in his legs and abs soon begins to throb from the stress of holding his own feet up, for fear of causing his nipples even more pain.

Mo (22nd October 2008)

Produced in: 22nd October 2008 Duration: 12 min 52 sec Name: Tied up ‘as stunt practice’, groped and stripped, punched, flogged, made to wank me, fingerfucked and nipple pegged… Description: Soon after we’ve told him of our stunt training project, conceited straight Maurice turns up on our doorstep, brazenly assuming we’ll give him work just because he can do a couple of gymnastic moves.

Mo (26th November 2008)

Produced in: 26th November 2008 Duration: 13 min 57 sec Name: Fingerfucked, flogged, anally electrocuted, buttplugged, caned, jerked off and fed his own cum Description: With Mo’s legs held wide open, and his vulnerable arsehole on full display, it would be a total waste not to make this a living nightmare for him.

Mo (31st December 2008)

Produced in: 31st December 2008 Duration: 14 min 17 sec Name: Tied down for the fucking machine with an agonising ball weight, made to suck dick while being flogged, made to rim hairy arsehole, then pissed on… Description: Tied down on all fours like an animal, oiled up, with a bit in his mouth and a dildo sliding in and out of his arse, Mo is objectified to the max

Nicholas (30th November 2011)

Produced in: 30th November 201 Duration: 19 min 38 sec Name: Grovelling for forgiveness, balls clamped, submission training, made to crawl with hands tied behind his back, arse flogged, made to drag a bowling ball attached to his balls across the room, deep throat cock until he gags and vomits Description: Disrespect is a serious offense. Nicholas needs to be humbled

Twink Play. Part 1-5 (2011)

Starring: Angel, Joel, Tyler Categories: BDSM, Fetish Master Joel, fresh off his dominant sexual manipulation of his muscular whore, Julius, has some new twink meat with friends Angel and Tyler. Unfortunately for these two, as happens to all of Master Joel’s boy-toys, what they thought was going to be a normal sexual encounter turned sour as their Master threw poor Tyler in the boy cage. Joel then “admires” poor Angel, bound to the whipping post, as he whips him into full compliance with his Master’s sexual needs and desires