18 Year Old Steve Takes It Hard

Studio: Nowayout

Steve is only 18 years old and has been spending way too much money going out and drinking. London is an expensive city – he borrowed some money off his friends and now he cant afford to pay it back. There was nothing else for it – he decided he had to take it hard for no way out. I was only too pleased to help show Steve some hard discipline and I was delighted when I saw his ass – he has a great ass for punishment – young and smooth. I made him bend over and grit his teeth for us as he presented his bare ass. I punished him hard with a variety of implements and loved watching his ass turn from a pale, blemish-free state to pink, to red and then to very red and very, very sore. This is a very harsh introduction to CP for this lad. Belts and paddles hammered down on those ass cheeks until I felt he had learned his lesson. It was very humiliating for a straight guy too. I gave him something to bite down on while he took the punishment like a man – a paddle now has Steves teeth marks set quite deeply into it

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